My Breaking Bad Costume

Along with legit looking meth-candy.


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4 Responses to My Breaking Bad Costume

  1. John says:

    Yeeaaah Betch!!

    Hey where did you get your coveralls from? I see plenty on Ebay but all with Dupont Ruched logo… Thanks!

    • hagertx says:

      I got it at Home Depot, I believe. Really cheap but it worked okay. Also the Candy Lady of Albuquerque NM sells candy that looks like meth (same place that did it for the show).

      • John says:

        I did mean to type Dupont Tychem. I’m in Perth, Australia… Do yours have a brand name? That is a good idea though, will have to check one of the larger hardware stores nearby.

      • hagertx says:

        I don’t have it anymore actually. It was a thin, cheap disposable kind. Probably got it for under $20 USD. Bought the respiratory mask separately too but overall I did not spend much on the costume.

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