Help Return Lost Disney Vacation Photos

In June, 1985 I went to Disneyworld with my church’s youth group. While at the Magic Kingdom, I found a canister of 35mm film that someone had dropped. I kept it and got the film developed when I got home. I put the 36 photos in an album and kept them throughout the years.

The years went by and I stumbled upon them recently and wrote about it on Facebook. A friend encouraged me to try to get the word out and try to return the lost photos to the original owner. The Disney Blog shared my story and it was shared more than 100 times, but so far no leads on who the family might be.

The man in the pictures is wearing a hat that says “Squire Shop”. I did find several stores online that go by that name and reached out to one in Georgia, asking them if the design looks as if this was one of their hats from 31 years ago. I am waiting for their response. In the mean time, take a look and see if anyone looks familiar, or better yet share this post and let’s try to figure out this mystery.

***UPDATE*** I emailed the Squire Shop in Georgia and according to one of the comments below on this post, the current owner of the Squire Shop in Carrollton GA posted this on her Facebook page, as the logo on the hat is is a similar style logo from the shop back in 1985, but according to the previous owner of the shop during that era, other Squire Shops used similar font. Ultimately we aren’t sure if this hat came from this shop in GA or some other Squire Shop elsewhere in the USA.

disney fam 2.jpg

 disney family.jpg
Disney mom son zoomed.jpg

Squire Shop Hat


family zoomed.jpg

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5 Responses to Help Return Lost Disney Vacation Photos

  1. Honey says:

    I’m from Carrollton, GA. may family has shipped at the squire shop for decades. I can confirm that this is the design from that store from back then. Unfortunately I do not know the family but I have sent the pictures to my parents to see if they know them.

    • hagertx says:

      Wow! thanks for the lead. How did you find my post? I’ve been trying to get more exposure in recent days. It’s good to know that the Squire Shop in Carrolton is the source of the hat. (there are lots of Squire Shops in the USA). I did send a message to the Squire shop owner and to their general email account but haven’t heard back but again thanks- good to know the hat is from that store.

      • Jen says:

        April (the owner of the Squire Shop) posted a link to this post on Facebook, so I bet you’ll get lots more exposure now. I’m also from Carrollton but don’t know this family.

    • hagertx says:

      Honey, on April’s Facebook post, are there many comments or shares? just curious. I’ve had about 900 hits on this post since noon on Friday.

  2. hagertx says:

    Jen, it must be a friends only post on her personal FB page, I don’t see it posted on the Squire Shop page or her FB page (since I am not connected with her on FB)

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